The Society for Philosophy and Disability Anita Silvers Essay Prize is given to the best unpublished (or published within the last two years) English-language philosophical essay in the field of philosophy of disability as decided by the current board of the Society for Philosophy and Disability. The author of the winning essay will receive $500 (or an equal split of this money if there is more than one winner). If the winning essay is unpublished, the author will be invited to publish their award-winning work in The Journal of Philosophy of Disability.

Award Details:

  • Nominations for the SPD Anita Silvers award are due each year on June 15th. 
  • Self-nominations are welcome. 
  • Only essays that are unpublished or that have been published in the last two years are eligible for this award.
  • The identity of nominees and nominators will be kept from the judges.
  • Submissions should be anonymously prepared (including, if the paper has been published, all information concerning its publication) and sent to the SPD Director of Outreach at
  • Please direct any communications concerning the award to the SPD Director of Outreach ( and not to anyone else at the Society for Philosophy and Disability.
  • Winner (or winners, if there is a tie) will be announced by the President of SPD on or before September 1st.
  • Should no submissions be judged as outstanding enough in a given cycle, no award will be given.


2023 – Kevin Mintz: “Paying Attention to the Mouse Behind the Curtain: Dilemmas of Disability Justice in a Lawsuit Against Disney”