Aug 27 2022


Call for Course Proposals -  Hamilton College Summer Program in Philosophy

The HCSPiP seeks proposals from creative philosophy instructors to lead one of three innovative two-week undergraduate seminars, tentatively scheduled for June 25 through July 8, 2023. Classes should be aimed at undergraduates, and be active, engaging, and inclusive for all participants. We are open to proposals for teaching any kind of philosophical content, utilizing any kind of philosophical method. Proposals will be evaluated by our estimation of their likelihood of generating an exciting, pedagogically creative, challenging, student-centered experience for all participants.

We will run three concurrent classes with twenty highly motivated and philosophically inclined students, mainly rising juniors and seniors, drawn half from Hamilton College and half from other schools.

Instructors will have the assistance of current graduate students, who will serve in a supporting role as tutors. The HCSPiP will culminate, for instructors, with a presentation of their work in a one-day public pedagogy conference, tentatively scheduled for July 10.

Housing, meals, and some reimbursement for travel will be provided to all participants, along with a $4,000 stipend for instructors. Students and tutors also receive stipends.

To propose a course, send a single pdf containing:

  • A name and outline of the two-week course;
  • A description of how the classes will be taught, your approach to the in-class pedagogy;
  • A discussion of the pedagogical innovation of your proposed class;
  • How you might use a tutor to prepare for classes, during classes, or to support students outside of class (suggestions for particular tutors are welcome);
  • Any technology or special equipment you might want to use in the course;
  • The names of one or two external visitors that could support your course goals (optional); and
  • A budget for any ancillary items from which your course might benefit.

In addition, please send relevant evidence of teaching experience and excellence.

All proposal materials should go to the HCSPiP director, Russell Marcus,, by September 26, 2022. Samples of successful proposals from the past are available on request. For more information, contact Russell at

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