Dec 20 2014


Two Sessions on Disability at the 2014 Eastern APA in Philadelphia

  • Society for Philosophy and Disability:  Disability in Interpersonal Contexts - Monday, Dec. 29, 1:30-4:30
    • Chair: Anita Silvers (San Francisco State University)
    • Speakers:
      • Virginia Warren (Chapman University)  “Moral Disability, ‘Moral Injury’, and the Flight from Vulnerability”
      • Adam Cureton (University of Tennessee) “Portraying One’s Disability in Public”
      • Elizabeth Harman (Princeton University) “I’ll Be Glad I Did It”: Reasoning and the Testimony of the Disabled”
      • Melissa Seymour Fahmy (University of Georgia) “Disability, Vulnerability, and Quality of Life Assessments”
  • Symposium: Philosophy and Disability Studies: Is Philosophy Ableist? - Tuesday., Dec. 30 1:30-4:30
    • Chair: Elizabeth Edenberg (Vanderbilt University)

      • Jane Dryden (Mount Allison University)
      • Licia Carlson (Providence College)
      • Kim Q. Hall (Appalachian State University)

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