Feb 08 2015


Three disability sessions at the 2015 Pacific APA

APA Pacific Division, Vancouver April 1-4, 2015

Group Session:  Society for Philosophy and Disability: Puzzles about Disability

Saturday, April 4, 9:00-11:30am (Session G9L)


Margaret Battin (University of Utah)

Leslie Pickering Francis (University of Utah)

Anita Silvers (San Francisco State University)


Sara Goering (University of Washington)

Anita Ho (National University of Singapore and University of British Columbia)

Susan Wendell (Simon Fraser University)

Invited Symposium: Eugenics and Philosophy (Session #39)

Wednesday, April 1, 9am (Session 1D


Robert A. Wilson (University of Alberta)


Leslie Pickering Francis (University of Utah), "Bioethics and Eugenics"

Matt Haber (University of Utah), "Normal Variation, Normal, and Variation"

Adam Cureton (University of Tennessee), "Parents with Disabilities"


Group Session: Society for the Philosophy of Sex and Love:  Sex and Disability

Wednesday, April 1, 6:00-9:00pm (Session G2J)


Andria Bianchi (University of Waterloo)


Jami Anderson (University of Michigan-Flint), “Consent, Sexual Desire, and Impairment”

Ruth Sample (University of New Hampshire), “I See SPED People: Male Traits as Disability”

Raymond Aldred (McGill University), “Thinking about Sex, Body, and Pleasure with Disability in Mind”

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