Jun 29 2021


Essay Prize

The Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy has a new paper prize. The S. Kay Toombs Prize is for the best paper addressing disability, ableism, research in philosophy of disability, and/or research in critical disability studies by a junior scholar (scholar who has earned a PhD in the five years prior to the submission date) or graduate student. Members submitting a paper to SPEP should self-designate their paper to be considered for this prize, which will be awarded each year by the Accessibility, Disability, and Inclusion Committee. The prize-winning paper will be invited to submit their piece to The Journal of Philosophy of Disability. Papers submitted for the S. Kay Toombs prize are also eligible to receive other SPEP prizes. You can read about that prize and others and take a look at this year's (virtual) conference at the link below. http://www.spep.org/2021/06/spep-2021-conference-program/

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